Mibanco, the king of microfinance in Peru decides to relocate its main offices:

This implies not only a change of location but also a process of innovation in their way of working, also in their corporate culture. A corporate building in the center of the city, near República de Panamá and Angamos avenues, is the scene of this great transformation where many teams of professionals are involve in the creation of: Hatun-Wasi, that in Quechua means: The “Great House” of Mibanco.

Lobby, sala de estar, recepción principal

Stanford University establishes that there are 5 levers of how to generate belonging: The Communication, the Object, the Role, the Rite and the Space. This demensions are the ones a designer should take in to acount in, in orden to generate and create a sensation of belonging for the users of any platform, an space, a neigborhood,etc.

Making some changes or modifications on the brand credentials, a change of color, a simple modification in the logo, or perhaps operationally incorporate a new channel, etc. has a direct impact on the 5 axes mentioned above.

In a brand ecosystem, with a view to becoming a Lovebrand, any false move could unbalance corporate peace and well-being and start cracking the user community. (Customers, customer relatives, internal customers, collaborators, observers, etc.) are called users. )

All of them; Believe it or not, are the latent community of a brand that has developed to where the traceability of its value proposition has been designed.

The big step of Mibanco in migrating to a new corporate space would had to be strategically conceptualized and designed from its users. The Mibanco family.


Our work began by studying the user of the brand, both external and internal. Convening CO-CREATIVE meetings with the marketing teams, corporate culture, infrastructure, etc.
The idea: CO-CREATE a symbology of the brand in 3D or 4D, that can be able to deliver value to each user of the space, as well as collect opinions and behaviors of themselves.

Susana R.
Strategy Design Lead – Citric Studio®

Two tools of our methodological toolkit that were of great help to our strategy team in the development of this project were: The Service Blueprint and the Conversion Funnel.

These 2 tools allowed us to CO-CREATE multiple touchpoints, which; They strategically vectorized the delivery of value at 2 scales at the same time.

From semi-public space elements, to individual interaction elements such as stickers for laptops, etc. Each element designed, each material chosen and proposed, fulfill a specific interconnected role with each other.

Human centered – Material Board

Our main goal was to design the experience for the internal collaborators within the spaces of MIbanco headquarters. The experience is developed through 5 main axes: Collective Imaginary of the User; The Territory of action; The signature corporate gestural language; The Rites and interaction; The Objects and their dynamics within the users.

The use of a methodology allows us  to design Brand Assets with specific roles within Mibanco brand ecosystem, which unlike conventional design that focuses on promoting only the aesthetics of elements; Through the Citric® methodology  we have been able to deploy and propose a traceability of Mibanco’s corporate culture  towards its internal client and its users..

Common spaces: Dining area

The journey of Mibanco’s value proposition begins in its brand purpose and flows through the entire value chain of the organization.

From textures and interior spaces, to stickers and pens, etc. Everything is interconnected allowing the users to learn from the brand something different but articulated in each moment of truth.

The delivery of individual value, generating belonging through the symbology of the Object
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